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English-speaking psychologist in Moscow



Practical Psychology comes to our country totally from the US and Europe. Sometimes it’s so hard to find a psychologist-consultant, who will be able to work with the client in English, even in Moscow. But You can use that opportunity on our site.
Some of our psychologists are fluent in English and also have successful experience in consulting work with English-speaking clients. In addition, we regularly visit different International conferences in Psychology.


We believe that all the people should have free access with psychological help, in spite of the location and skills of the local language. Consultations of psychologist in English are not totally different from the consultations in Russian. Our experts will carry out the necessary diagnostic (including using English versions of test methods) on a high level.


In the case with English-speaking clients, the consultation plan always based individually. If You are not going to leave the country soon, it is possible to use long-term psychotherapy. If You don’t have the opportunity to visit a psychologist more than six months, then specialist will used the short-term psychotherapy techniques – logotherapy, cognitive therapy, rational therapy and others techniques. Our center has also the ability to work with children, but with the presence of parents only.


If You decide to make an appointment with English-speaking psychologist - call us or send an e-mail. The form of these consultations can be also full-time or part-time on Skype. Please remember, that the English-speaking professionals will not always be able to work with You on the same day and will often require the pre-registration. The cost of the consultation is discussed in advance. Also, we will be glad to answer your questions in English, including by e-mail.